Lewisgene Festive Platter

Dec 19, 2016




新的一年快到了,還沒想好在哪裡倒數? 要吃新年大餐,又想喝茶叹咖啡? 来LewisGene 就对了!! 吃饱了还可以再吃 waffle 或 cheese cake~~ 舒服的环境,今天就 Tag 朋友来吧! Festive Meal available from 20th Dec – 8th January

2017 New year is just around the corner, haven’t decide where to count down? Make your booking at LewisGene! LewisGene is having special festive meal, after that can have a cup of good coffee, dessert Waffle or a piece of cheese cake! Let’s Tag your friends today!! Festive Meal available from 20th Dec 2016 – 8th January 2017.

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